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BattleTech: A Time of War

BattleTech: A Time of War

Monday 17 May 2021
In May 2021 we presented the BattleTech: A Time of War Bundle, featuring the 2013 BattleTech: A Time of War roleplaying rules from Catalyst Game Labs. Choose your life in the stellar empires of the far future — pilot, spy, mercenary, merchant, scientist, scout, renegade — and join the centuries-spanning conflicts of the Clans, Inner Sphere, and Periphery. With the AToW rulebook and its Companion expansion, you can explore the rich BattleTech setting and, if you also enjoy the BT board games, lend new dimension to your tactical encounters. How will you become a legend?

There were three titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $50) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete full-color, 410-page BattleTech: A Time of War core rulebook, its essential rules expansion A Time of War Companion, and the retrospective book BattleTech: 25 Years of Art and Fiction.

Our Bonus Collection added six more titles worth an additional $63, including three Era Reports3052, 3062, and 3145 — and three BattleTech Adventures: Empires Aflame, Necromo Nightmare, and War of the Tripods.

Ten percent of each payment (after gateway fees) went to this offer’s pandemic-related charity, Direct Relief. Direct Relief gets protective gear and critical care medications to health workers, with emergency deliveries to medical facilities across the US and to regional response agencies across the world.