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Mutants & Masterminds 3E x2

Mutants & Masterminds 3E x2

Monday 13 September 2021
In September 2021 we presented two offers featuring Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition (2011), The World’s Greatest Superhero RPG from Green Ronin Publishing. First, we revived the January 2019 M&M Earth-Prime Bundle with the core rulebook and essential supplements. And its small but powerful all-new sidekick, Mutants Power-Up, added three recent supplements and sourcebooks.

First published in 2002, Mutants & Masterminds started as an Open Game License d20 spinoff. Designer Steve Kenson (Icons) creatively modified and expanded the d20 System to reflect the unique demands of a superhero game. Character generation, character advancement, damage, and saves are all different from the traditional d20 System. Today the superhero RPG Green Ronin likes to call “the World’s Greatest” is much more than a system. It offers two well-developed settings, Freedom City and Emerald City, and you can easily create your own setting. You can even publish your own setting through Green Ronin’s “Super-Powered by M&M” Trademark License, which allows third-party publishers to use “product identity” text.

We’ve presented M&M several times, and in two different editions: a 2E bundle in December 2014, and a sprawling 3E offer in April 2014 (revived in August 2016 alongside a new “Power Boost” companion). The standalone January 2019 Earth-Prime offer, revived here, had the Basic Hero’s Handbook especially designed for new players, plus a sharp-focus lineup that lets you fly straight into four-color comic-book superhero action.

[from Jan 2019]

If you’re new to Mutants & Masterminds, start here with these introductory rulebooks and sourcebooks: the M&M Basic Hero’s Handbook with stripped-down Third Edition rules for newcomers; the Rogues Gallery collection of dozens of supervillains; and the classic M&M campaign setting Freedom City updated for 3E.

This offer’s Bonus Collection added three more titles worth an additional $63, including the complete 320-page Deluxe Hero’s Handbook with all the rules you need for any situation; the Atlas of Earth-Prime, a 270-page guide to the entire world of M&M; and Hero High, about the travails of super-powered teens training to become the heroes of tomorrow.


There were three titles in this new companion Power-Up offer (retail value $66), including the complete M&M 3E Deluxe Gamemaster’s Guide, the Superteam Handbook, and the Time Traveler’s Codex sourcebook, plus the free Codex overflow book All Time, No Space.  

Ten percent of each payment (after gateway fees) for these two Mutants & Masterminds offers went to the charity chosen by Chris Pramas of Green Ronin Publishing, the California Community Foundation Wildfire Recovery Fund. The Wildfire Recovery Fund supports intermediate and long-term recovery efforts for major California wildfires, as well as preparedness efforts. Since 2003, the fund has granted more than $30 million to support relief and recovery efforts in the aftermath of devastating California wildfires.