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Shadowrun Sixth World Stories 2

Shadowrun Sixth World Stories 2

Wednesday 4 May 2022
In May 2022 we presented the all-new Shadowrun Sixth World Stories 2 Quick Deal, featuring Kindle and ePub ebooks of recent fiction for Shadowrun from Catalyst Game Labs. This follow-up to the August 2021 Sixth World Stories returned to the year 2080 with 2,000 pages of Awakened fiction by the Catalyst line’s leading authors — Stephen Dedman, Jennifer Brozek, Aaron Rosenberg, and many more — plus a new Jimmy Kincaid novel by Russell Zimmerman.

There were eleven titles in our Sixth World Stories Collection (retail value $49) as DRM-free ebooks in both ePub and Kindle formats, including seven complete Shadowrun novelsCrimson, For a Few Nuyen More, Hell on Water, Shadow Dance, Stirred, Tourist Trapped, and Veiled Extraction — plus four Sixth World novellas: Crocodile Tears, A Kiss to Die For, See How She Runs, and Under Pressure.  

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