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Glen Cook novels – through Sun 07 Feb

Through Sunday, February 7 the Glen Cook Bundle presents novels by fantasy and science fiction author Glen Cook from Night Shade Books. Best known for his Black Company dark military fantasies, Cook has also written the eight-book Dread Empire epic

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Night Shade Weird

In October 2020 the October Horrors continued as we presented Night Shade Weird, an ebook bundle featuring the dark fantasy fiction of Clark Ashton Smith, William Hope Hodgson, and other authors from Night Shade Books. Fans of the Cthulhu Mythos

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Dying Earth Compleat & Stone Skin Press

In November 2017 we resurrected two past offers from one of the Bundle of Holding’s most reliable supporters, Pelgrane Press. 1. DYING EARTH COMPLEAT Our January 2014 Dying Earth Bundle featured the Robin D. Laws RPG based on the fantasy

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