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Shadowrun 5E – TWO offers

In February 2019 we presented two all-new offers featuring the 2013 Fifth Edition of Shadowrun, the classic cyberpunk-fantasy RPG from Catalyst Game Labs. First, Shadowrun 5E Essentials had the core rulebook and supplements for cyberware, magic, the Matrix, and riggers.

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Shadowrun 3E – TWO all-new offers

In August 2016 we presented two offers featuring the 1998 Third Edition of Shadowrun, the cyberpunk-fantasy RPG from Catalyst Game Labs. The first offer, Shadowrun 3E Essentials, included the complete Shadowrun 3E rulebook and all its key rules supplements —

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Shadowrun 4E Bundle revived

In December 2015 we briefly resurrected our May 2015 Shadowrun 4E Bundle. This revived collection presented the complete 20th Anniversary tabletop roleplaying rulebook (2009) for Shadowrun 4th Edition from Catalyst Game Labs, plus the key supplements (weapons, magic, cyberware, Matrix)

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