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Fight the Possibility War with our Torg Bundle

Fight the Possibility War with our Torg Bundle

Thursday 8 January 2015

The Torg Bundle presents the revised rulebook and many supplements In January 2015 our first Torg Bundle presented classic 1990s multi-genre tabletop roleplaying ebooks with everything you need to get started as a Storm Knight in the Possibility Wars. Like no other RPG before it, Greg (Earthdawn) Gorden’s Torg mashed genres together into one expansive world, and this huge hand-picked bundle, featuring some of the greatest RPG writers of the 1990s, was your easiest way into it.

Our Player’s Collection (retail value $47) included DRM-free .PDF ebooks of the updated core rules, player’s guide, pregen characters, a weapons book, and a spellbook:

  • Torg: Revised & Expanded (retail $15): Originally published in 1990 by West End Games, Torg has a new lease on life with German publisher Ulisses Spiele. This updated corebook includes the Worldbook and Adventure Book from the original West End set and the “Drama Deck” of cinematic action.
  • Torg Introductory Pack (retail $2): Simplified rules, a sample character, and a tutorial mini-adventure, plus the Storm Knights novel.
  • Storm Knights’ Guide to the Possibility Wars (retail $9): New character generation rules, skills, equipment, and more for every Torg player.
  • Torg Character Collection (retail $9): Sixty unique Torg characters to use as your own or set in the world as allies or adversaries.
  • Kanawa Personal Weapons (retail $7): Firearms, cyberweapons, lasers, explosives, and espionage armaments of many tech levels.
  • Pixaud’s Practical Grimoire (retail $5): The definitive guide to magic and spell design in Torg.

The Cyberpapacy by Jim Bambra is the single most praised supplement in the Torg roleplaying lineCustomers who paid more than the threshold price also received our Gamemaster’s Collection with all the best cosm sourcebooks, the GM’s guide, and three location books (retail value $79):

  • High Lords’ Guide to the Possibility Wars (retail $9): Invaluable advice for the Torg GM.
  • Delphi Council Worldbook (retail $9): The sourcebook of Core Earth, holding down the front against the encroaching cosms.
  • The Cyberpapacy (retail $9): In this cosm, cyberpunk collides with the French Inquisition. The single best-regarded Torg sourcebook.
  • The GodNet (retail $5): Rules for jacking into cyberspace and netrunning in the 1990s style.
  • The Nile Empire (retail $9): Dr. Mobius has turned Africa into a pulp playground — except with pharaohs and hieroglyphs. This pulpy cosm was the most popular Torg setting.
  • Nippon Tech (retail $9): The megacorporate cosm of High Lord 3327 occupies most of Asia.
  • Tharkold (retail $9): High Lord Jezrael’s army of techno-horror demons has made Los Angeles a living nightmare.
  • Creatures of Tharkold (retail $5): …And here are the techno-horror demons doing the nightmare-ing.
  • Berlin Citybook and Los Angeles Citybook (retail $5 each): Two urban battlegrounds for the cosms featured in this offer.
  • Tokyo Citybook (retail $5): Stronghold of the monolithic Kanawa Corporation and its enigmatic executive, High Lord 3327.

The Torg Bundle includes sourcebooks for Nippon Tech, Tharkold, The Nile Empire, the Cyberpapacy, and Core EarthIf you paid full price for all these .PDFs, you’d spend nearly $126!

In March 2015 we followed this offer with a sequel Torg Bundle +2 that presented all the remaining cosm sourcebooks and all the important supplements. Together these two offers gave you every important book in the Torg line.