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Lost Lands – old-school dungeon-crawling for Pathfinder

Lost Lands – old-school dungeon-crawling for Pathfinder

Friday 17 July 2015

The Lost City of Barakus (Pathfinder version) is an old-school dungeon-crawl in our Lost Lands BundleIn July 2015 we presented our Lost Lands Bundle, featuring the Pathfinder versions of the old-school sourcebooks and modules from Frog God Games. In its Lost Lands setting, Frog God Games revives the legacy of Necromancer Games, well-regarded publisher of Old School Revival fantasy tabletop roleplaying adventures. In the Lost Lands you’ll find the Razor Coast (seen in our December 2014 Razor Coast Bundle), as well as Frog God’s notorious killer megadungeons (Rappan Athuk, The Slumbering Tsar) and most of the old Necromancer dungeons. Now our Lost Lands Bundle features the Pathfinder versions of Frog God’s sourcebooks and modules set in this vast landscape.

The first volume of Cyclopean Deeps from Frog God Games is an old-school dungeon crawl in our Lost Lands BundleOur Starter Collection included five titles (retail value $35) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks: the Pathfinder version of the old-school “sandbox setting The Lost City of Barakus (retail price $20), its companion Player’s Guide (retail $5), and three useful maps of the Lost Lands. Customers who paid more than the threshold price also received our entire Bonus Collection of five more Pathfinder titles (retail value $61):

  • Stoneheart Valley (retail $16): This adventure trilogy/sourcebook presents the ideal gateway to the Lost Lands. Includes the famous modules The Wizard’s Amulet, Crucible of Freya, and Tomb of Abysthor.
  • Cyclopean Deeps Volume 1 ($17): Adventures in the truly bizarre Underdarkness below the legendary megadungeon Rappan Athuk, written by ENnie-winning author and Swords & Wizardry designer Matt Finch.
  • The Northlands Saga Volumes 1-4 ($20): The first four modules (of a projected ten-part series) of this mythic-arctic-Viking adventure.
  • Lost Lore – Town of Glory (retail $4): Guard a wilderness town beset by enemies, and use the new rules system for fostering and growing a new settlement.
  • Lost Lore – The Portalist (retail $4): A new character class, a fearsome battlefield teleporter.