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BOTH Torg Bundles revived

BOTH Torg Bundles revived

Monday 25 April 2016
The Torg Bundle presents the revised rulebook and many supplementsIn April 2016 we resurrected from early 2015 both our Torg 1 and Torg 2 Bundles, featuring the 1990s West End Games multi-genre action-adventure RPG Torg. Dimensional invaders called Possibility Raiders have taken over Earth and shaped their domains, or cosms, to the “Axioms” of their diverse realities. Pulp adventure mixes with ancient Egyptian lore in the Nile Empire, while the futuristic Cyberpapacy controls France, and Japan is now Nippon Tech.

Space Gods, part of the Torg Bundle +2, describes the latecomer to the Possibility WarLike no other RPG before it, Greg Gorden’s Torg mashed genres together into one expansive setting. The Torg line presented some of the finest RPG writers of the 1990s, including Jim Bambra, Ray Winninger, Paul Hume, Dan Greenberg, and the late Nigel Findley. Now many new writers are rallying to rescue Earth in the forthcoming new edition, Torg: Eternity, due later this year from Ulisses Spiele. Our two revived Torg collections were an easy way to familiarize yourself with the setting and get everything you need to become a Storm Knight in the Possibility War.

These two revivals are running in parallel. If you’re new to Torg, start with our Torg 1 Bundle (January 2015), with. Torg 2 (March 2015) brings you the rest of the cosm sourcebooks and important supplements.

Torg 1 (rulebook and essential supplements)

Torg-StormKnightsGuideToPossibilityWarsThe January 2015 Torg 1 Bundle was the starting point, with  the rulebook, essential supplements, and three cosm worldbooks. This offer’s Player’s Collection (retail value $47) included six DRM-free .PDF ebooks:
  • Torg: Revised & Expanded (retail $15): Originally published in 1990 by West End Games, Torg has a new lease on life with German publisher Ulisses Spiele. This updated corebook includes the “Drama Deck” of cinematic action.
  • Introductory Pack (retail $2): Simplified rules, a sample character, and a tutorial mini-adventure, plus the Storm Knights novel.
  • Storm Knight’s Guide to the Possibility Wars (retail $9): New character generation rules, skills, equipment, and more for every Torg player.
  • Character Collection (retail $9): Sixty unique Torg characters to use as your own or set in the world as allies or adversaries.
  • Kanawa Personal Weapons (retail $7): Firearms, cyberweapons, lasers, explosives, and espionage armaments of many tech levels.
  • Pixaud’s Practical Grimoire (retail $5): The definitive guide to magic and spell design in Torg.
Torg-CyberpapacyThose who paid more than the threshold (average) price also got this offer’s Gamemaster’s Collection with eleven more titles, including three cosm sourcebooks, the GM’s guide, and much more (retail value $59):
  • High Lord’s Guide to the Possibility Wars (retail $9): Invaluable advice for the Torg GM.
  • Delphi Council Worldbook (retail $9): The sourcebook of Core Earth, holding down the front against the encroaching cosms.
  • The Cyberpapacy (retail $9): In this cosm, cyberpunk collides with the French Inquisition. The single best-regarded Torg sourcebook.
  • The GodNet (retail $5): Rules for jacking into cyberspace and netrunning, 1990s style.
  • Nile Empire (retail $9): Dr. Mobius’s cosm has turned Africa into a pulp playground, with pharaohs and hieroglyphs.
  • Nippon Tech (retail $9): The megacorporate cosm of enigmatic High Lord 3327 occupies most of Asia.
  • Tharkold (retail $9): High Lord Jezrael’s army of techno-horror demons has made Los Angeles a living nightmare.
  • Creatures of Tharkold (retail $5): …And here are the techno-horror demons doing the nightmare-ing.
  • The Berlin, Tokyo, and Los Angeles Citybooks (retail $5 each): Three urban battlegrounds for the cosms featured in this offer.

Torg 2 (extra worldbooks and supplements)

Torg-TerraRevived from March 2015, the Torg 2 Bundle presented the rest of the worldbooks and important supplements that wouldn’t fit in the first offer. (Sharp-eyed customers may note we’ve shuffled the lineup a bit to remove duplicate titles.) This offer’s Starter Collection (retail value $54) included all six remaining cosm sourcebooks:
  • Aysle (retail $9): The magical cosm of high fantasy that has conquered the United Kingdom.
  • Orrorsh (retail $9): Horrific home of the mastermind behind the invasion of Earth, the terrible Gaunt Man.
  • The Land Below (retail $9): Travel the mysterious tunnel network running throughout the Earth.
  • The Living Land (retail $9): The realm of dinosaurs and spiritual magic that stretches across North America.
  • Space Gods (retail $9): The biotech-psionic reality of the late arrivals in the invasion, the Akashans.
  • Terra (retail $9): The cosm of pulp adventure, weird science, and the occasional Martian invasion.
Torg-CreaturesOfAysleThis offer’s Bonus Collection included no less than ten additional titles (retail value $68):
  • The Cassandra Files (retail $7): The Delphi Council prepared this array of mysteries for Storm Knights to solve.
  • Clerics’ Sourcebook (retail $9): The power of miracles and the people who command them.
  • Creatures of Aysle and Creatures of Orrorsh (retail $5 each): The bestiaries for mythic Aysle and the horrific cosm of the Gaunt Man, the mastermind behind the Possibility War invasion.
  • Kanawa Heavy Weapons and Kanawa Land Vehicles (retail $7 each): Two high-tech equipment guides from Nippon Tech, companions to Kanawa Personal Weapons in our Torg 1 offer.
  • Ravagons (retail $7): Meet the Gaunt Man’s most awesome lieutenants.
  • The complete “Relics of Power” trilogy of adventures: The Destiny Map, The Possibility Chalice, and The Forever City (retail $7 each).
For both offers, ten percent of each payment (after gateway fees) went to these offers’ designated charity, Doctors Without Borders.