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Crowdfunding by past Bundle contributors – Nov 2019

Crowdfunding by past Bundle contributors – Nov 2019

Wednesday 6 November 2019
  • Only one day left at this writing for Kevin Crawford’s Wolves of God: Adventures in Dark Ages England Kickstarter campaign, but don’t lose faith: As we’ve seen from Stars Without Number Revised, Scarlet Heroes, Godbound, and others, Kevin typically publishes his games just days or weeks after their crowdfunding finishes. Compatible with his other Sine Nomine Publishing titles and any B/X Old School game, Wolves of God is a semi-historical RPG of blood-curdling adventures in the savage wilds of Dark Ages England.

  • Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying is a new RPG line from Free League Publishing (Tales From the Loop, Coriolis). Based on the work of Swedish illustrator and author Johan Egerkrans, Vaesen presents a dark Gothic setting steeped in Nordic folklore and old myths of Scandinavia. The game mechanics use an adapted version of the Year Zero Engine from Mutant: Year Zero.
  • Deepnight Revelation is a massive boxed campaign that boldly takes Mongoose Traveller 2E where no Traveller has gone before. A converted heavy cruiser, Deepnight Revelation is one of the most powerful exploration vessels ever commissioned. Equipped for a 20-year voyage, she carries the Travellers on an epic journey from Charted Space to the edge of the Orion Arm. Deepnight Revelation must forge a path through uncharted systems and the territory of unknown alien races. Everything she finds will be new, and if she meets with disaster there will be no rescue. The crew’s destination is a mysterious radio source at the mouth of the Great Rift. Described in the ravings of a madwoman as “the place beyond everything,” Terminus Point holds a terrible secret. There the Travellers face a desperate battle to prevent mass extinction on a galactic scale.

  • Shane Hensley of Pinnacle Entertainment launched two simultaneous Kickstarter campaigns the very day he had knee surgery, which must check off a box on the Badass Game Designer list. Deadlands: Lost Colony updates the third Deadlands: Weird West game (2000) for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition In 2097, 13 years after the Last War in Deadlands: Hell on Earth, Hellstromme Industries created a “Tunnel” between Earth and a distant star system later called Faraway. Millions of colonists settled on asteroid mining stations and the only inhabitable planet, Banshee, before the Tunnel collapsed and left them stranded. Now the humans must fend for themselves against a rogue military, ruthless pirates, angry anouks, the rise of an evil alien presence, and worst of all, the arrival of the Reckoners — made flesh on Earth and exiled to Banshee.

  • Pinnacle’s other new Kickstarter funds Wendigo Tales: Book One, a fiction collection of five adventure stories set in Pinnacle’s various Savage Worlds settings: the Weird West, Hell on Earth, East Texas University, Weird Wars Rome, and Deadlands Noir.
  • Mummy: The Curse 2E completely revises the 2013 Chronicles of Darkness Storytelling game of the dead and Deathless. Players become the Arisen, humans who were subjects of the greatest magic ever worked by mortal hands: the Rite of Return, in the long-lost Nameless Empire. As part of the Rite, they underwent ritual death, and their souls were eternally bound to their mortal remains. Consequently, though the Arisen can be killed, they will always return, their bodies reforming anew years or decades later. As one of the Deathless your entire existence is bound to this cycle for eternity. You sleep, you wake, your serve your Judge’s will in the lands of the living, and you return to the death-sleep once more. The ancient culture that empowered you is gone, lost to the sands of time — yet you endure.
  • Powered by the Apocalypse, Voidheart Symphony is a game by Jay Iles (Legacy: Life Among the Ruins) about psychic rebellion in the shadows of the city — about mundane heroes fighting their city’s worst predators by delving into an abyssal citadel shaped by their target’s psyches. It’s about a student, a single mum, and an elderly activist shifting into their idealized, mythical forms as they take the fight to a nightmare labyrinth twisting within the mind of their target. It’s about trying to achieve lasting change without being corrupted or co-opted by the system you’re trying to change.