Hamlet’s Hit Points: Masterful Narration for Every GM

It’s not easy being GM. Besides adjudicating the rules and playing all monsters NPCs, you’ve been put in charge of something called a “story.” Problem is, you have almost no control over what the characters in that story decide to

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Become a Campaign Management Genius with Odyssey

Odyssey: The Guide to Campaign Management, written by Walt Ciechanowski and Phil Vecchione and published by Engine Publishing, was featured at the Bundle of Holding as a bonus title in the Worldbuilder’s Toolkit +2. Though you’ll find many blog posts

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tremulus: Indie horror keeps it weird

tremulus, featured as a bonus title in October 2014’s Bundle of Tentacles +2, is classic Lovecraftian horror with a modern rules twist. Written by Sean Preston (Reality Blurs), tremulus hit like an onrushing byakhee in October 2012 with a smashingly successful

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