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Phase World – more Rifts action

Phase World – more Rifts action

Tuesday 9 April 2019
In April 2019 we presented the all-new Phase World Bundle featuring Phase World,® the standalone Rifts® sub-setting of high-spirited space opera adventure from Palladium Books. And we also revived (for a second time) the July 2017 Rifts Essentials Bundle with the core rulebook and major supplements for Kevin Siembieda‘s Rifts RPG.

1. RIFTS PHASE WORLD [all-new]

Phase World is the transdimensional high-tech nexus of three rival space empires known as the Three Galaxies. The Three Galaxies setting encompasses dozens of powerful organizations, thousands of sentient races, and tens of thousands of worlds with advanced technology, psionics, and magic. Starships have speeds measured in light years per hour.

Characters may visit Phase World’s leading city, Center, for space exploration, smuggling, bounty hunting, and cosmic adventure. Some seek a powerful artifact, the Cosmic Forge. The Forge can transform ordinary beings into powerful Cosmo-Knights, a Three Galaxies version of a certain Power Ring-wielding superhero corps. Visitors may also encounter Oni Ninja of the Bushi Federation, the Gun Brothers mafia of the Consortium of Civilized Worlds, the hedonistic Paradise Federation, the manipulative Splurgoth kingdoms, nefarious arms dynasty Naruni Enterprises, brutal Hellworlds of the Kreeghor Transgalactic Empire, Solar Leeches, Void Zombies, the world-eating Demon Planet, and the ancient, enigmatic Prometheans. It’s a busy place.

Phase World began simply as Rifts Dimension Book™ 2 (1994) by C.J. Carella. Like the alien galactic empires it introduced, Phase World expanded, becoming a distinct and separate subgroup in the sprawling Rifts supplement line — a space-opera domain with more support books than some of Palladium’s independent RPGs. You can play whole Phase World campaigns spanning the Three Galaxies without ever looking back to Rifts Earth. This offer presents the entire Phase World line (sub-line?), plus additional books that let you expand the setting in many directions, for a bargain price.

There were five Rifts sourcebooks in this offer’s Starter Collection (retail value $49.50): Phase World and the Phase World Sourcebook, Three Galaxies, Fleets of the Three Galaxies, and Heroes of the Megaverse.®

Those who paid more than this offer’s threshold (average) price also got this offer’s entire Bonus Collection with nine more supplements worth an additional $75.50, including the Megaverse Builder (construct your own dimensions!); sourcebooks for the Anvil and Thundercloud Galaxies; the high-tech weapon collection Naruni Wave 2; Skraypers,™ about a superheroic struggle against alien invasion; Dimensional Outbreak, a campaign sourcebook for the demonic invasion of the Three Galaxies; and three issues of The Rifter® magazine with extensive articles about Phase World.

[revived from July 2017]

For those who missed its two previous runs, we also revived the July 2017 Rifts Essentials Bundle, featuring the reality-bending setting of a shattered Earth from which Phase World emerged.

Rifts is set centuries in the future. Magic energy has flooded back to Earth, fracturing space, tearing through reality, and opening doors to supernatural realms, strange dimensions, and alien worlds. From these portals emerge mythical gods and Elemental creatures, hordes of demons and monsters, dragons and creatures of magic, Shadow Beasts and the undead from dimensions of darkness, and aliens from countless realms.

Earth itself has become an alien landscape where the people, cultures, technologies, and madness of countless alien worlds and realities collide with our own. It is an environment simultaneously familiar and alien, wondrous and horrifying. The magical, supernatural, and alien may come to you, or you may find them. Technology and science co-exist and clash with magic and psychic power. Robot warriors and power-armored troops battle dragons, demons, and magicians. The setting is one of constant change, conflict, horror, wonderment, magic, and endless possibilities.

This Essentials offer had the core rulebook and key basic supplements — everything you need to start adventuring across the rift-ravaged Earth. This offer’s Starter Collection included the complete 384-page Rifts Ultimate Edition™, the Rifts Primer, and the very popular Sourcebook One™ — a $33.50 retail value for just $8.95.

This offer’s Bonus Collection added three more supplements worth an additional $45.50, including the Game Master Guide equipment collection, the Book of Magic,™ and the Game Master Kit with useful play aids and pregenerated characters.  

Ten percent of each payment for these two Rifts offers (after gateway fees) went to the charity designated by Palladium Books, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.